Visual artist and new media designer besed in Rome. Works with analogue and digital media, through different forms and artistic practice.
Since 2006 co-founder of xx+xy visuals and sound art project that produce audiovisual projects and multimedia installations.
Video projects and audio video performances include collaborations with international sound artist and participation to many festivals.
Teach video animation, sound visualization and live visual interaction with digital tools. For information feel free to contact me.


2016 June, live AV performance at Delta Festival in Moscow with LIGHT, latest visual collaboration with Rossano Baldini.
In 2015 LIGHT was also presented live at Ostia Jazz Festival and also at Forum Music Village in Rome.

Mirror Neurons

Mirror Neurons latest sound visualization, and media project in collaboration with sound artist Fabio Perletta and France Jobin, investigating the notion of empathy and physical distance.
Multi-dimensional, generative and ever-changing sound visualization through the use of quiet textures and subtle movements emphasizing the slowed sense of time of the work itself.

Released by Dragon's Eye Recordings (der010) | (46:04) | CD + Digital | Edition of 500 | 2015

img release

Mirror Neurons debut in 2015 as live audio video performance with the sound artist Fabio Perletta at Robot Festival, Pallazo Re Enzo, Bologna.
Mirror Neurons world debut in 2014 as multimedia installation inside Spæræ at A × S / ak-sis / FESTIVAL 2014 | CURIOSITY Pasadena.

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