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6 JUNE 2013 From h11:00-18:00 – Il Pagliaio, Rome

Dive into Quartz Composer with step by step tutorials on how Audio Input can be used to animate and control generative or motion graphics.
LEARN Generative, Controllers, Tools, Numeric Patches, Network, Filters, + Plugins, and other patches from QC Library; Apply Visual Effects and Make Transition, Addition, Fades, Feedback; Create Custom MACRO’s; Understand Structures and Iterators;
CONTROL Interpolation, LFO, Random, Noise, Patch Time, Toogle, Watch;
External controllers as Keyboard, Mouse, Midi;
AUDIO INPUT Use Standard QC patches + Kineme Audio Input;
MACRO patches and Utility for Audio Input;
SET UP Midi/Audio settings; Communication between applications;
RECORD external data [audio-reactive video] through Syphon.

U will need x the workshop: installed QC4 http://www.sladzanabogeska.com/blog/2013/04/24/installing-quartz-composer/
From Kineme: Kineme Audio Tools & Kineme GL Tools.
From v002: Syphon;

This workshop is part of a Audio Visual Week dedicated to AUDIOVISUAL INTERACTION 6-7-8 GIUGNO 2013 and continues with workshops by:
Gianclaudio H. Moniri Mix/Master “In The Box” per musica elettronica
Franz Rosati Visuals audio-reattivi in tempo reale con Max6/Jitter

INFO http://www.ilpagliaio.net/avinteraction.html


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