10 years of xx+xy visuals and sound art activity

It takes a special kind of talent to coalesce both mediums of sound and vision into one, fluid work of art.
James Catchpole (@UKStratBoy) for Fluid Radio

xx+xy visuals / and sound art project is audio visual duo founded by Sladzana Bogeska and Giuseppe Pradella in 2005/06. We produce audio video/visual works, sound visualization, video installation, cinematographic audio video performance.

10 years of our activity with this project passed, and i would like to say few words how it evolved.
Few years after my studies in visual art i became more interested in digital tools and media, integrating my video project also with sound and interactivity. I started to collaborate with Giuseppe Pradella, and soon we had the possibilities to perform live some of our audio video project so we decide to found a visual duo XX+XY VISUALS, in order to make difference from my personal production. We started to exhibit in the Rome underground scene, thanks to few people that start promoting digital art inside club scene. Made our first collaboration with great sound artist and started touring festivals. The idea of our own production became more real and in 2009 we changed our name into xx+xy visuals and sound art project, starting our own production of audio visual works, that was presented at many festivals of electronic music and digital art through 10 years of activity.

would like to mention our latest project and collaboration

2015-2014 “Mirror Neurons” latest sound visualization, in collaboration with the sound artist France Jobin and Fabio Perletta, made its world debut at Synergetica Screning at A × S / ak-sis festival in Pasadena, California.  Mirror Neurons was also presented as live AV performance at Robot Festival Bologna in 2015.

In 2013 we produce our audio visual project Zenith, presented at 90db Festival in Rome.

In 2012 we released our first audio-video work on DVD: “Luma”, an extremely slow transforming abstraction that alludes to landscape topologies and psycophysiographical terrains.

In 2011 we are involved with the audiovisual piece “Matter States” in “Störung: Sound & Visual Art ” DVD released by the spanish label Störung in 2012.

Through 2008-2007 we developed the visual concepts for sound artist Murcof, Cosmos album  (Leaf rec.) and performed at festivals as Mutek Montreal, Dissonanze Rome, Seconde Nature Avignone, Play Festival Madrid, Shift Electronic Arts Festival Basilea, etc.

XX+XY visuals and sound art project / selection through 2016-2006 10 years of AV production

Robot Festival Bologna, Delta Festival Moscow, Mirage Festival Lyon, Störung Festival Barcelona, MIT Auditorium PM Rome, Digital Life Roma Europa Festival, 90db Roma, Flussi Festival Avellino, Dessonanz Festival Skopje, Visionsonic Paris, Visions from the Future Turin, Electroacustic Festival Conservatory of S. Cecilia Rome, Bestiario Rome, REC Tarragona, MUV Firenze, Dokfest Kassel, Interpenetration Festival Graz, Capalbio Cinema Festival, LPM Rome, Female Cut, and others.

A × S / ak-sis festival Pasadena, City of Art and Science; Connext project Tampa, Florida;
This Is Rome Ex Gil Rome; Bestiario Opificio Telecom Rome; IXEM ExStabilimento Florio Favignana; Museum of Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci Prato; Homework Festival Museo della Musica Bologna;
Störung Festival Farinera del Clot, Barcelona [also other venues];

LUMA audio visual project on limited DVD edition year 2012.
DVD+Book str009 ’Störung: Sound & Visual Art collecting unpublished audiovisual works by artists associated with the platform.
Q3 digital release Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound? [ Q03 ] Farmacia 901.
MUV DVD vol.5 collecting audiovisuals works from participating artist.


2016-2014 Visual collaboration with Asférico, Störung.

2016-2015 LIGHT AV collaboration with Rossano Baldini.
Presented live al Delta Festival Mosca in 2016,
2015 at the Jazz Festival, Teatro Lido Ostia and Forum Rome;
LIGHT is the latest album by Rossano Baldini, Albòre Jazz Records 2015.
With the participation of Pierpaolo Ranieri Michele Rabbia and Gianluca Petrella.

2015-2014  Mirror Neurons Latest sound visualization with the sound artist France Jobin and Fabio Perletta “Mirror Neurons” made its world debut at Synergetica Screning at A × S / ak-sis festival in Pasadena, California. Mirror Neurons was also presented as live AV performance at Robot Festival Bologna in 2015.

2008-2007 Visual production and live visual with Murcof
Developing the visual concepts for his album Cosmos [Leaf label].
Performed at:
Mutek Festival, Theatre du Nuoveau Monde, Montreal, Canada.
Seconde Nature, Charteuse de Villeneuve, Avignone, France.
Evolution Leeds Town Hall, Leeds, UK.
NatFilmFest, Marmorkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Play Festival, Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain; Storung, Farinera del Clot, Barcelona, Spain; Territorios Festival, Seville, Spain.
Dissonanze Rome; Meetintown, Auditorium Parco della Musica; Catodica Festival Teatro Miela Trieste; LeViedelSuono Pievepelago; Acusmatic Ancona, Italy.
Shift Electronic Arts Festival Basel, CH;

2007 Ziv Jacob & Jean Marc Caimi.
Dokfest Lounge, Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel, Germany.
Capalbio Cinema and Art Festival, Castello Aldobrandesco, Capalbio.

Collaborations include many international sound artist, dj and producer since 2006. Selection include video works and live video collaborations developed and presented at more than one festival.
Also, would like to mention visual collaboration with artist and friends as Fabio Perletta, Franz Rosati, Netherworld, Saffronkeira

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